Gordon Bruner

- Win, Lose, or Draw

We always take care of our customer
by always doing the right thing

Hammering & Nailing Success Since 1998

VMC Facilities is dedicated in becoming a well-oiled machine company, with a crystal clear understanding on what our mission is, as well as knowing and carrying out the goals for this company.


As the owner, my vision for VMC is to be a foreleader in the commercial construction industry by serving: Hospitality, Restaurants, Retail, as well as Facility Repair and Maintenance industries where Integrity IS the foundation on which we stand.


Establishing trust-based relationships with our customers, suppliers, as well as vendor partners are crucial in creating a solid partnership where collaborating with each other so to ensure each and every project is a success.

VMC Facilities

These relationships are integral to giving our customers an outstanding experience right from the beginning and by working together as a team, we can build success together. With the commitment of continuous learning and gaining knowledge in our four industries we will be able to effectively help ease the pain of our partners.


Knowing our people is our biggest asset in fueling the company’s growth, with a team approach, we place our people with the highest standard of excellence, standing on the foundation of integrity and an unwavering commitment to make the lives of our customers easier through open & constant communication, sharing of knowledge, and offering the best solutions to accomplish any difficult tasks or project with our customers best interest in mind.


Our goal is to make our customer’s vision a reality in the construction, remodeling/renovation, disaster relief and facility maintenance world. With our extensive experience, fast response times, and our pledge to do the job right – every time – VMC will deliver the best results that will meet our customers satisfaction, if not exceed it.

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